Tired and heavy legs - pump up your circulation ready for action

If you lead an active life, it stands to reason that your legs help get you where you need to go. To keep them in optimum condition you need to keep their blood vessels strong and circulation healthy. An active or even a sedentary life can lead to heavy, swollen and tired legs.

Healthy blood circulation in your legs requires extra effort. Blood must be pumped from the legs against gravity to your heart. The blood vessels in your legs contain valves that keep keep blood going in only one direction. Standing or sitting for long periods of time can influence the quality of those blood valves and the condition of the arteries in your legs. This can lead to swollen, tired and tingling legs that can give you trouble getting up in the mornings.

By supplementing you diet with MASQUELIER’s® ANTHOGENOL® you have the opportunity to support tired, heavy legs by supporting blood vessels and valves. It keeps arteries supple, vessel walls strong and improves circulation so that tired and heavy legs stand a chance. Decades of scientific research has proven the positive health benefits of Masquelier's® ANTHOGENOL® for leg circulation by improving the elasticity and strength of blood vessels to keep legs healthy now and in the future.

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