Renowned French phyto-scientist, Professor Jack Masquelier, was the first to isolate OPCs in 1948. He spent his entire scientific career developing, perfecting and researching his unique OPCs products that are famous for their potent vascular benefits. Professor Masquelier developed two breakthrough ingredients; MASQUELIER’s
® Original OPCs and MASQUELIER’s® French Pine Bark Extract.

Professor Masquelier’s OPCs
OPCs are condensed forms of the vegetal molecule known as flavan-3-ol found and concentrated in the woody parts of plants. They appear in nature in many different forms with varying benefits and efficacy. (OPCs are not naturally produced by the body and cannot be synthetically reproduced.) Professor Masquelier harnessed the power of specific OPCs with unique health benefits and developed his own, highly effective natural health products and cosmetics. Today these are known as MASQUELIER’s®

Professor Masquelier and Mediterranean health
As Professor Masquelier’s research in the field of vascular health progressed, French cooking and lifestyle began to fascinate Masquelier. Together with the now famous “red wine” Professor Renaud, Masquelier provided great scientific contributions to understanding of the health benefits of red wine. These discoveries greatly assisted today’s understanding of Mediterranean health and longevity, which lead to the development of MASQUELIER’s®Mediterranean Essentials.

Professor Masquelier’s career, research and development – some of the highlights:
1948 Isolated the first OPCs from peanut skins.
1950 Identified the health benefits of OPCs.
1951 Patented his unique extraction method of OPCs from Pine Bark.
1956 First isolates OPCs from Vitis vinifera.
1961 Identified OPCs as a co-factor of vitamin C.
1965 Was awarded a patent for the vascular health effects of his unique OPCs complex from pine bark.
1966 Demonstrated the positive effects of his Pine Bark OPCs complex on eye health.
1970 Was awarded patent for isolating a specific OPCs complex from Vitis vinifera.
1978 Proved the in vivo absorption of his OPCs products and their support for collagen.
1980s A multitude of clinical studies on the application of his OPCs complex with positive effects in vascular and circulatory health for legs and eyes.
1981 Identified the collagen protecting properties of his specific OPCs complex.
1987 Was awarded a patent for application of his OPCs Complexes as an antioxidant.
1990 Partnered with I.N.C. to offer his authentic OPCs ingredients to consumers worldwide, now famous under the MASQUELIER’s® brand.
1993 Assisted famous French wine researcher Dr. Renaud in unlocking the health benefits of OPCs in red wine.
1996 Professor Masquelier was awarded Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Porto.
1998 Professor Masquelier was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods.

Continuing Professor Masquelier’s research and development, I.N.C. has scientifically proven:
2005 Scientific publication showing MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs supports prevention of lipid (LDL) oxidation.
2005 I.N.C. launches CPA quality – confirming MASQUELIER’s® unique composition.
2006/2010  Scientific publication showing that MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs application in cosmetics helps reduce redness and provides antioxidant support for skin.
2007 Scientific publication showing that MASQUELIER’s® OPCs support the protection of endothelial cells against oxidative stress.
2012 Scientific publication showing that MASQUELIER’s® OPCs provide vascular health benefits in healthy people.
2014 Subsequent scientific publication showing MASQUELIER’s® OPCs modulates gene expression in cardiovascular pathways.

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